Tools and Utilities

This is a small collection of tools and information to assist in working with machines

Metric Bolt Specifications
Basic Bolt markings and strengths.
Fork Oil Specifications
Suspension Fluid Information and calculator.
Fork Fluid Calculator
Calculator for Blending Fork and Shock Fluids.
Coil Spring Calculator
Calculator for the spring rate of fork and shock springs
Gearing Information
Basic Ratio, Tyre and Rim Size Info.
Gearing Calculator KMH
Calculator for RPM / KPH with all gearing ratios.
Speed and Fuel Calcs
Conversions for MPH/KPH, Litres/Gallons and Fuel Range Info.
Gearing Calculator MPH
Calculator for RPM / MPH with all gearing ratios.
Chain Calculator
Calculator for Chain and Sprockets.
Yoke Calculator
Calculator for the offset of fork yokes.
Fork Shim Calculator
Calculator for shim substitutions in fork and shock valving.
Diagnostic System
Basic diagnostics system and protocol information.
Software Information
Automotive Software information.

Before you ask, yes I could combine the gearing calculators into one, perhaps one day when time permits.

If there is a tool you would like to see here drop us an email and we will see if we can include it here.