Diagnostics Software Information

Software for automotive systems can be difficult to locate at times and is quite often specific to individual makes and models. For better or worse there has been no community development of diagnostics software for the BMW models in general or the 650GS in particular, unlike other makes and models of motorcycles.

GS911/GS911 Blu/GS911 WiFi

The PC software for the GS911 is the most developed of the systems available to owners of any of the BMW models. There can be a time lag between model release and support by the GS911, The 650GS models are well supported with read and clear fault codes, component testing and real time logging.

The GS911 WiFi takes the concept to a whole new level. It can be considered as 2 tools in one. The unit can be used in the workshop as per the older models using USB interface as well as via TCP/IP across the home WiFi network.

Out on the road the GS911 WiFi can be used in "off line" adhoc mode via the web interface from any smart phone to read and clear fault codes or use real time logging internal to the unit as a fault finding tool. The WiFi can also be configured to connect to any smart phone or tablet hot spot to take advantage of cloud based maintenance functions.

Those wanting it all out on the road with any of the GS911 models can use the PC software with a Win8 tablet.

Open Source Diagnostics Software

There have been a couple of general purpose open source OBDII software projects commenced over the years but none of them have been fully developed. Freediag and pyOBD-2 are projects based on scantool.net and OBDTester.

Both tools are released under GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation

Scantool.net and OBDTester are products from commercial vendors of elm based hardware interfaces. Both are tied to the interfaces but the source code is available to modify and build a customised application from.

Both of these coud be considered as a base to build a 650GS diagnostics tool.


Scantool.net is written in C and is no longer developed or used.
The new commercial product is OBDWiz.

Scantool.net Web Site

pyOBD2 is a set of basic OBDII routines written in python and can be compiled for linux/MAC/windows. It is also ported to the Nokia n900 smartphone

OBDTester Web Site pyOBD2 at Sourceforge Nokia n900 Software Web Site

Freeware Software

TuneECU is software for the reprogramming, diagnosis and testing of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) fitted to Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) Triumph, KTM, Aprilia & Benelli motorcycles (Sagem / Keihin ECU's). The software is not open source and the authors have expressed no interest in adding BMW to the list. TuneECU Web Site

TuneECU Screenshots

Other Devices

UltraGuage is a hardware/firmware tool for the display of real time data from OBDII ECU's for added instrumentation. It also displays fault codes but they would probably be a number only. S1000 owners have found they are able to display considerable information. Whether it would work on the 650GS is unknown.    UltraGuage Web Site

Bren Tuning

The ability to re map the BMS-KP is now a reality. Bren Tuning now offer re mapping for a number of the models using the BMS-KP. It can be done either by sending the ECU to Bren Tuning or the purchase of a hand held unit with customised maps allowing reprogramming back to stock when the machine is taken to a dealer for servicing.

Details are on the     Bren Tuning Web Site