About This Site

and the Bike

I am a BMW and touring enthusiast based in Sydney. The information provided here was originally either borne of frustration from not being able to purchase exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price or as a result of difficulties encountered with the design of the F650GS Dakar. Information on the later models seemed a logical progression.

I hope the information here is useful and saves some time and frustration.

The Site

The site is written as far as possible to industry standards and should display correctly on devices down to a screen resolution of 800x480 pixels which covers pretty much all tablets from 7" and upwards so should be accessible out on the road. The nature of the content is not really suitable for display on devices with smaller screen sizes.

The default browser for Android tablets can be problematic so installing Firefox is recommended.

Internet Explorer 8 or higher is recommended on Windows Platforms.

The Bike


It seems so long ago now

A standard 2002 F650GS Dakar.

Nice machine, too many flaws.

Time for some changes.



Single Seat with topbox.

Staintune pipe and RHS pannier.

Relocated pegs and pivotz.

12 kgs lighter and nicer to ride.


It is still a "work in progress", there are more parts and changes on the drawing board