Suspension Fluid Calculators

The calculators below provide the basics for calculating the viscosity of a blended fluid.

Specific Gravity Calculator

The SG is often not provided for fluids but can be calculated from the weight and volume of a fluid.

The SG for suspension fluids is normally between 0.8 and 0.9.

Volume (MilliLitres)
Weight (grams)

Viscosity Calculator

This calculator provides the viscosity of a blended fluid based on the percentages of the source fluids.

Enter the viscosity and specific gravity your fluids plus the % for the first fluid then press calculate.

Fluid 1
Fluid 2
Viscosity (cSt@40c):
Specific Gravity:
Fluid Percentages
Blend Viscosity

These calculations use the Refutas Equation

When mixing hydraulic fluids ensure both grades are of the same formulation or brand

See the Fork Fluid Specification page for information on hydraulic fluids